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Recfood specializes in realization of Recruitment projects based on DIRECT SEARCH method. Direct search is the most effective recruitment method when searching for the best suitable candidates. Direct search guarantees to find candidates who best respond to companies’ requirements. Direct search allows to contact all potential candidates from the market (from companies of the same or similar profile). Recfood provides direct search for middle and high level positions as well as for specialist positions in following industries:





Our main aim is to provide our Client with candidates who best respond its professional requirements and the best suit cultural structure of its organization.

Direct search guarantees finding candidates who are currently employed, are appreciated by current employers and who achieve outstanding results. During direct search process Recfood guarantees contacting and verifying all candidates from every company, then sectioning the best ones and presenting the most suitable to the client.

When recruiting for the highest managerial positions Recfood proposes EXECUTIVE SEARCH process – direct search for candidates from top management positions.

When contacting candidates – top managers – Recfood guarantees discretion, professionalism and the best representation of the Client and its company.


  • At Recfood the efficiency of executive search is guaranteed thanks to:
  • our deep knowledge of the market,
  • specialist knowledge as well as long last experience of our consultants
  • very well developed research department
  • professionally curried on standard interviews and interviews based on competencies
  • real candidates’ references and recommendations checking.